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Owls are reading a lot these days!

42,556,890 minutes read so far!

Learn2Earn motivates children to read every day.

Our social learning platform connects educators, students, and families to inspire a love of reading and fundraise for education.

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Track & Record

During your school fundraiser, students record the books they've read and are able to track their progress online. Teachers get to follow along, too.

Share Progress

This restricted social media network-populated only by parent-approved users to ensure safety-lets students communicate their reading progress to their Sponsors, those who pledge their support through either a flat fee or per-book pledge.

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Raise Money

The sky's the limit when it comes to how much money you can raise through your Reading-Raiser; the more books students read, the more you raise.

This easy fundraiser requires just 1 volunteer and gives 80% back to schools.