Solve two challenges with one solution: raise money for your school while encouraging students to read.

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Time for a Change

Are you tired of the current school fundraising options? Don't want to do another cookie dough fundraiser or gift wrap fundraiser? You’re not alone.

Meet Learn2Earn, the online school fundraising solution powered by reading. Our read-a-thon fundraiser, the Reading-Raiser, is one of the best fundraising ideas because it's actually educational.

This easy fundraiser requires just 1 volunteer and gives 85% back to schools.


Track & Record

During your school fundraiser, students record the books they’ve read and are able to track their progress online. Teachers get to follow along, too.

Share Progress

This restricted social media network—populated only by parent-approved users to ensure safety—lets students communicate their reading progress to their Sponsors, those who pledge their support through either a flat fee or per-book pledge.


Raise Money

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how much money you can raise through your Reading-Raiser; the more books students read, the more you raise.

How Much Could You Raise?

You could earn:

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Check out our easy online read-a-thon fundraiser that gets students excited to read. You have nothing to lose!

"This program has inspired and motivated my son, who is not a regular reader nor interested in literature, to have his nose in a book almost everyday since the read-a-thon fundraiser began. Thank you, Learn2Earn."
- Amie Gillcrist, parent of 6th grader, CA

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